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Invisalign are aligners that rectify crooked teeth and improper bites. The plastic devices are removable, which means you can continue with regular dental care like flossing and brushing conveniently.

Maintaining them is also easy. At Denwest Dental Clinic, we use clear Invisalign to help straighten your teeth, but we conduct an assessment before recommending the product. You can set up biweekly appointments for us to keep track of your progress and adjust the treatment plan where necessary.

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The main advantage of Invisalign is that they do not require changing bands or tightening wires. However, you may feel slight pain when using them because of the pressure they exert as they straighten the teeth. Compared to braces, Invisalign is less painful, and it gets better as you become used to having them. The products also provide discretion as you use them, meaning you can wear one to a meeting or social gathering without worrying about their conspicuous visibility.

Typically, you wear the aligners for approximately two weeks before the dentist switches them for one that suits the current alignment. You may end up using several aligners before getting the smile you desire. Our dentists can help you get custom Invisalign that matches your exact needs.

Since each individual has a different dental formula, the amount of time it takes before seeing results from the treatment differs. Most people will start seeing improvements between 6 to twelve weeks. Please note that it might take you up to six months before results become noticeable, depending on the displacement of the teeth. It requires patience and commitment to achieve the expected perfection. Our dentist will be with you throughout, no matter how long it takes. We can determine the approximate duration when you come in for an assessment.

Despite their effectiveness, Invisalign is not for every person with crooked teeth. Collaborate with us, and we will give you the perfect teeth you deserve.

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