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Cavities, Toothache, Chipped Teeth

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Dental Emergency Woodbridge

Dental emergencies are always uninformed but should never be neglected. If you suddenly experience intense pain in your tooth, you should seek emergency dental treatment instead of seeking home remedies for the pain. Some of the common forms of dental emergencies include:

Sudden toothache, fallen crown, chipped tooth, cracked tooth, and gum bleeding.


If you experience sudden dental pain, the chances are that you have been suffering from dental cavities all along without realizing it. Our dentist will diagnose the source of pain and recommend the right treatment.


A toothache may be in the form of dull or sharp pain. Some of the leading causes of toothaches include tooth decay, gum disease, dental abscess, or damaged fillings.

Chipped Teeth

You may develop a small or medium chip on the teeth due to trauma, excessive tooth grinding, biting on a hard object, or dental cavities. You should seek immediate dental treatment.
Our dentists are trained to handle any emergency dental issue and provide pain management and the ideal dental treatment.

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