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Before recommending an implant surgery, our dentists perform a thorough oral examination using X-rays or 3D imaging to determine the health and stability of your jawbone. You will be under anesthesia while undergoing implant surgery. If necessary, the surgery will begin with the removal of the damaged tooth. The dentist makes cuts in your gum to expose the bone, drills holes on the jawbone, and places the titanium posts. Once the implants are in place, the healing process begins, and the implant integrates with the jawbone. The dentist may attach the abutment at the time of implant surgery or wait until you recover.

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Dental implants serve as a replacement for natural teeth that are beyond saving. Installation involves a surgical procedure that our skilled professionals can handle painlessly. When done correctly, implants are impossible to distinguish from natural teeth, bringing about unmatched aesthetic appeal. They are also comfortable and can provide additional structural support to the jawbone where the natural tooth is missing. That means you can continue with regular activities like chewing and biting. 

Implants only work when you have healthy gums, enough bone mass, and overall good health. That is why determining eligibility for implants is just as important as the procedure itself. It is the reason our dentists conduct comprehensive exams that include three-dimensional imaging to ascertain that the jawbone can handle the process. After confirming that, we will give you an anesthetic before removing the damaged tooth and preparing the area for the implant. The entire process involves cutting the gum to expose the bone, drilling the bone, and putting in the implant posts. The procedure sounds scary, but we will make it pain-free. The healing process begins after the implants are in place and the integration of the material with the jawbone begins.

Dental implants provide long-term reprieve, but longevity depends on multiple factors such as your lifestyle and hygiene habits. We might install an abutment when putting the implants, but you must remember to continue with proper dental home routines. Going for checkups at least twice a year can also extend their sustainability.

Although failure is rare, it can happen in people with diabetes or other medical conditions. Even gum disease can reduce the chances of success. Our team can help you with preventive care to ensure your implants stay in perfect condition for the longest time possible.

Our competent dentists can handle complex and simple procedures efficiently. Whether you need multiple implants or one to rectify the condition, we are the best clinic to assist you in Vaughan.

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