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Full / Partial Denture

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Full and Partial Denture

Full Partial Denture

Dentures are artificial teeth perfect for hiding existing gaps when someone loses all their teeth. They are available in removable and permanent options. Unlike the previous years, when dentures were uncomfortable, they are now very comfortable and can handle relevant tasks like chewing food without any problems. Our dentist will review your situation and factor in all considerations before proposing any denture. 

Removable dentures are also known as partial dentures. They become necessary if several teeth are missing or when the surrounding teeth are too weak to hold a bridge. They consist of artificial teeth with clasps that attach to the adjacent teeth. Most people find them less invasive and comfortable. You can remove them easily for cleaning before you sleep. 

Permanent or full dentures come in handy when all the teeth are missing. A suction holds them in place, meaning you can take them off whenever you want. The dentures provide instant transformation. However, it might take some time before you get used to them. Most people find them more suitable for long-term use.

As a senior, you can still smile with confidence
Full Partial Denture

We provide both options here at Denwest Clinic. We will explain the benefits and potential downsides of each type of denture. We want you to make the best possible decision. Whatever you choose, rest assured you will continue to eat and talk as you enjoy the same type of stability you got from natural teeth.


In some cases, dentures work together with implants. The extent of work involved is more complicated than other dental treatments, meaning you should only work with experienced dentists. We ensure all the tissues are healthy before installing the dentures. We also give tips on maintenance and care to ensure the prostheses remain in perfect condition for a prolonged duration. Remember, the slightest buildup of plaque can lead to bad breath, staining, or gum disease. You can also reach us if you need help with the after-care as you get used to the new teeth.

Full Denture


Full dentures are used when all of the natural teeth in one arch (either upper or lower) are missing or need to be removed.


Conventional Full Dentures: These are placed after the remaining teeth are removed, and the gum tissues have healed. This process typically takes a few weeks.

Immediate Full Dentures

These are made in advance and can be placed immediately after the teeth are removed. While they offer the advantage of not having to go without teeth during the healing period, adjustments may be necessary as the gums and bones heal, causing changes in the oral anatomy.


 Full dentures are usually made from acrylic or a combination of acrylic and metal.

Partial Denture


Partial dentures are used when some natural teeth are still present in the upper or lower arch. They fill the gaps created by missing teeth and are attached to the remaining natural teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments.

Types: Conventional Full Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures (RPD): These are the most common type of partial dentures and can be taken out for cleaning and while sleeping.

Fixed Partial Dentures (FPD) or Dental Bridges: These are permanently attached to natural teeth or dental implants, providing a more stable and permanent solution for replacing missing teeth.


Partial dentures are also typically made from acrylic and metal. Fixed partial dentures may include dental crowns and bridges made from materials like porcelain or metal alloys.

The Process of Getting Dentures


Initial Consultation

The dentist examines the patient’s oral health, takes impressions, and discusses the appropriate type of denture based on individual needs.


Modeling and Measurements

Detailed impressions and measurements are taken to create a custom-fit denture that suits the patient’s oral structure.


Trial Fitting

A prototype of the denture is created for a trial fitting. Adjustments are made to ensure proper fit, comfort, and functionality.


Trial Fitting

Once adjustments are complete, the final denture is fabricated and provided to the patient. Additional adjustments may be necessary during the initial period of wearing the dentures.

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