Dental Veneers

A favorite for many people

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are the most common cosmetic dental procedures to give you an appealing smile. Veneers provide a cheap but effective way of concealing dental imperfections such as discolored, chipped, gapped, or worn-down teeth. Some of the transformations that our dentists can do using dental veneers include crown lengthening of your teeth and aligning your front teeth. Our dentist also use veneers to hide gaps between the teeth or improve stained teeth’s appearance. Veneers comprise thin shells of tooth-colored material. The dentist bonds the shells on the front surface of the damaged teeth to improve their appearance.

Appealing Smile with Dental Veneers

Every person deals with dental imperfections that can cause discomfort like teeth discoloration, gapping between teeth, and chipping. Even worn-out teeth can interfere with your confidence and make you want to hide your smile. That is where veneers come in.

Dental veneers are the most used procedure for cosmetic surgery. Their effectiveness in improving dental aesthetics and affordability makes them a favourite for many people. They can provide the best transformations for several dental issues, including permanently stained and crooked teeth. However, veneers can only improve the visual appeal and not underlying issues. They may not be suitable for every patient. That is why it is essential that you undergo a thorough exam before the procedure. We perform comprehensive tests to ascertain whether veneers are the best for you. We also ensure the treatment plan we craft matches the outcome you expect.

Our dentist can align your teeth, lengthen the crown, hide stains, and hide gaps using veneers. The procedure involves attaching the material onto the enamel and shaping them to match the shape of the teeth. The application can be in layers in some cases, ensuring the result looks natural. The thin shells of tooth-coloured elements we use are hard to distinguish from natural teeth. That is one of our priorities because we know it plays a significant role in boosting your confidence as your smile.

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, we also care about your dental health. As such, we insist that patients with tooth decay or other issues like gum disease must undergo further treatment before getting veneers. Those with insufficient enamel structure or poor structure may not benefit from veneers as well. We will check for all these to get the correct diagnosis before settling on the best procedure for your short-term and long-term benefit. If we determine that veneers are not ideal, we will explore other alternatives.

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