Clear Dental Braces

Permanent forever

Traditional wire and bracket braces are not the only options to consider when you want straight teeth. You can use clear dental braces for more comfort and enjoy the same level of effectiveness, even if you are an adult. These braces are not for children or teenagers only as was the norm initially. They are very discreet, which is perfect for the workplace environment. You do not have to worry about colleagues or business partners judging you when you wear braces as an adult.

Clear braces are also more convenient because they allow you to maintain oral hygiene without a hassle. You can remove them to eat, brush, or floss, then wear them when you are through.

New orthodontic method, using Invisalign

The procedure begins with an evaluation of your teeth and preferences. You can tell us what you like, after which we devise a plan and help you choose the ideal braces. Some types can provide the desired results rapidly, while others may take some time. Our recommendations depend on the state of your teeth. That is, how difficult or easy they would move into position.

You do not have to resign yourself to the idea of never having perfect teeth. With clear braces, you can have your dream smile without worrying about stigmatization with braces. Our clinic and passionate dentists are here, so you do not have to settle for less than perfection.

Other than aiming for an exceptional smile, getting the clear braces also solves problems like the inability of the teeth to chew food properly.

We understand how crooked teeth can have adverse effects on your daily routines. For instance, they can gather more plaque because the misalignment makes it harder to reach some areas when brushing. That can impact overall dental health. Our specialists will make the situation better in the most effective way possible.  


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