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Preventive Sealants

It is common for food particles to get trapped on the teeth’ surfaces, especially on the molars. These areas are hard to reach with a toothbrush. If food particles remain on the grooves, they form plaque and might lead to tooth decay. A preventive sealant is a flowable filling material that covers or seals the natural grooves of the teeth. Sealants make it difficult for food particles to accumulate on the teeth and make it easier to clean the teeth. At Denwest Dental, we offer effective tooth sealant treatments to help your children avoid tooth decay and cavities.

A preventive sealant is a flowable filling material that covers or seals the natural grooves of the teeth.


Preventive dentistry revolves around taking care of a child’s teeth to keep them healthy. Preventive dental services will help your child avoid dental issues like enamel wear, gum disease, and cavities. There are numerous forms of preventive dentistry, including regular dental cleanings and daily brushing and flossing. To maintain proper oral health, you should take your child to a dentist regularly. Our dentists will advise you on the recommended intervals for visiting the dentist. You should teach your child about oral hygiene from an early age. With the proper preventive dental procedures, your child’s teeth will remain strong, clean, and white.

Trauma to the Dentition

If your child suffers a traumatic oral injury, including trauma to the dentition or the surrounding oral tissues, we will provide the best treatment. Trauma to the dentition presents as a dental emergency requiring immediate dental treatment. The treatment procedure that our dentists will employ will depend on the severity of the injury. This form of treatment should only be administered by a dentist who has experience in behavior management in a child. Our dentists will formulate a definitive treatment plan most ideal for your child’s injury.

Space Maintenance

If your child’s tooth comes out early because of an accident or tooth decay, it is important to maintain the tooth’s space. This will prevent future space loss, which could pose a problem when the permanent teeth come up. The teeth surrounding the open space can shift without the use of a space maintainer. Lack of space may impede the permanent teeth’s eruption. We provide both fixed and removable space maintainers. While choosing between fixed and removable space maintainers, our dentists will consider several factors. The factors include the position of the missing tooth as well as the condition of the surrounding teeth.

Fluoride Application

To start getting fluoride treatment, children only need to have few teeth. Children should get several fluoride applications, preferably administered once every six months. The fluoride application process is simple. A child sits on the parent’s lap as the dentist applies fluoride on the child’s teeth using a brush. A child is free to eat or drink one hour after the fluoride application. The fluoride sticks on the child’s teeth and protects them from cavities. The fluoride will slowly wear off as a child brushes their teeth, thus the importance of regular fluoride application.

Preventive Care

Our pediatric dentists are keen on providing preventive care to prevent a child from developing dental problems. Our dentists provide parents with:

Brushing Instructions – Children’s mouths are different from adults’, and so are the brushing procedures. When a child is young, you should use a moist cloth or gauze to wipe their teeth. As the child grows, use a child’s toothbrush with a little toothpaste. You should teach your child how to brush when they’re between the age of two and three years.

Flossing Instructions – Dental floss is available in numerous colors and flavors. You should find a floss that your child likes. You should try and make flossing exciting and something that your child will always look forward to.

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